Service Alliance Between Multi-Discipline NYC Rental Resource & Premiere Manhattan Orchestral Recording Hall Streamlines Session for Pop Icon’s Upcoming Album

April 29, 2009

NEW YORK – April 29, 2009: Music icon Sting was recording in New York City recently, the latest major artist to benefit from the ongoing service alliance between multi-discipline NYC rental resource Jim Fynn Rentals (JFR) (, and the Manhattan Center (MC) (

Sting and a 40-pierce orchestra conducted by Robert Sadin were in MC’s legendary venue The Grand, which has been the site of hundreds of dates for major motion picture orchestral scores and Broadway cast albums since it hosted Don Juan in 1926, the first film score ever recorded. Recording a song for Sting’s upcoming album, the artist took advantage of the classic design and spacious ambience that makes MC a top choice of producers, directors and composers working in New York City.

“If you’re going to record an orchestra, you need a beautiful acoustic space, and at the same time you also need very extensive technical capabilities,” says Sadin. “The more that we can take for granted that the recorded sound will be wonderful, the more we can concentrate on getting excellent performances. Manhattan Center allows you to do that.”

JFR provided a range of equipment and services for the Sting recording session at MC. Founded in 1995 by Jim Flynn, JFR stands today as a full-service rental resource to multiple sectors that include music, film, broadcast, theater and houses of worship. With Flynn leading an experienced staff that shares his 24/7 commitment to outstanding selection and service, JFR has emerged as the logical choice in music technology rental companies in the Northeast and nationally.

The close relationship between JFR and MC helps the facility to provide the full range of audio hardware and software resources – expertly maintained and deployed – to best  accommodate every project there, from major motion pictures and indie film scores to Broadway cast recordings, solo artist orchestral session dates, and much more. “Our connection to Jim Flynn Rentals means our equipment list always reflects the very latest available,” says Obie O’Brien, MC Studio Manager. “MC clients know that anything they need – from additional Pro Tools HD rigs to racks of Millenia mic pres and far beyond – can be on site and in top working condition.”

“With its roots in the vision of Oscar Hammerstein, Manhattan Center has long stood as a world-class room for orchestral recording in the heart of New York City,” adds Jim Flynn. “Sting is a musician’s musician, and it was an honor to be involved in his latest project. This latest collaboration between Manhattan Center and Jim Flynn Rentals shows why NYC remains a very smart option for orchestral recording.”

About Jim Flynn Rentals:
Jim Flynn Rentals (JFR) is a New York City-based music technology company specializing in rentals to a wide range of disciplines. Founded in 1996 by Jim Flynn, JFR provides full-service rental resource to multiple sectors that include music, film, broadcast, theater, and houses of worship. The company’s client list includes artists, facilities and media outlets worldwide such as U2, James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Enya, Regis & Kathy Lee, the GRAMMY Awards, Academy Awards, MTV, ABC, the American Ballet Theater, “Sphere”, “Titus”, “Across the Universe”, “Heat”, “Jarhead”, “Mama Mia!”, and many more. For more information, please visit

Media Contact: Kevin Fetterplace, (001) 646 359

About Manhattan Center:
The Manhattan Center is home to two of NYC’s legendary venues, The Hammerstein and The Grand. It is also home to three state-of-the-art television studios, a complete High-Definition post-production facility, satellite broadcast capabilities, two world-class recording studios and an orchestral scoring stage which have provided services to a premier client base that includes Warner Brothers, Revolution Studios, Discovery Channel, Island/Def Jam, Dreamworks, Atlantic Records, Harpo Productions, Telepictures, USA Network, NBC/Universal and Capitol Records. For more information, please visit  

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